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Applying for Admission

Who can apply?

Graduate students with a bachelor's degree in Anglistics, American Studies, Cultural Studies or related courses of the Humanities. The decision about the compliance of related BA degrees are are decided upon by the Admission Committee.

Further information (in German) can be found here.


How do I apply?

The first step of application requires the completion and submission of the online application form. It will be available approximately six weeks before the application deadline (July 15th of each year) via www.uni-hannover.de. In a second step applicants are asked to sign and hand in the two-page pdf-document printable by the end of the online application process.

In addition to the form, applicants are also asked to forward further documents to the Leibniz Universität Hannover which are listed below under General Requirements.

General Requirements


  • online application form (see above)
  • certificate of qualification for higher education (Abitur or Fachabitur)
  • Bachelor's Certificate (in case BA degree has not yet been attained, applicants are asked to forward a transcript of records certifying the current level of credits and the grade point average.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • proof of language proficiency in English

What are the deadlines for applications?

Applications are only accepted for the winter term. The deadline for applications is July 15 each year. Please keep in mind that by this date the application must be completed and all required documents must be submitted to the University.