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Prof. Dr. Jana Gohrisch

Jana Gohrisch teaches British Studies focusing on literature and culture from the 16th to the 21st century. Moreover, she has a special interest in the New Literatures in English. She has published two monographs, one on the Jamaican-British author Joan Riley (1994) and one on the representation of emotions in 19th-century English prose (2005). She has also published on Black British, Caribbean and African literatures, on various aspects and periods of British literature, on popular culture and cultural exchange, and on German higher education policy. Her current project concerns the representation of agency in British and Caribbean (non-)fictional texts about slavery and post-emancipation circulated in the 19th and early 20th century.


Florian Groß, M.A.

Florian Groß teaches American Studies with a focus on (post-)postmodern literature and culture, contemporary literature, and popular culture. His research interests also include American television culture, graphic novels, and the use of urban spaces. He has published on American television series and comics, and edited the volume The Aesthetics of Authenticity. Medial Construction of the Real (2012) together with Wolfgang Funk.


Dr. des. Ellen Grünkemeier

Ellen Grünkemeier teaches British studies with a focus on literature and its cultural, historical and political contexts, from Shakespeare’s plays to contemporary fiction. Her research interests also include postcolonial issues and the new literatures in English. She completed her PhD project on South African representations of HIV/AIDS in 2010 and recently began working on a second book project that addresses political writing in 19th-century Britain. 





PD Dr. phil. Lucia Krämer


Lucia Krämer teaches British literature and culture from the Renaissance to the present with a focus on questions of mediality, representation, and (productive) reception. Her main research interests are late Victorian British literature and culture (esp. Oscar Wilde), the British heritage culture, British film, the reception of Hindi cinema in Britain and the theory and practices of adaption.



Prof. Dr. Ruth Mayer

Ruth Mayer holds the Chair of American Studies, teaching American literature and culture from the 17th century to the present time, with a strong focus on theoretical and formal questions. Her research focuses on aspects of popular culture (particularly seriality and serialization), media history, globalization, science studies, and cultural contact. She is a member of the DFG-research unit "Popular Seriality"



 Dr. Kirsten Twelbeck

Kirsten Twelbeck teaches courses in 19th, 20th, and 21st century American literature and culture, with a focus on the connection between cultural conflict and literary form. She is particularly interested in the historical relations and the cultural interactions between the US and Asia and has worked extensively on questions of identity formation and nation building after the American Civil War.