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Every now and then, our students create blogs as part of class requirements or in connection with other projects. These blogs elaborate on ideas developed in class and they add information, reviews, and ideas in addition the texts and media they study. (Please note that the department website admins are not responsible for the content of individual blogs). 

@homeabroad: Crossing Borders

@homeabroad is a group set up by international students at the English Department (it is not related to any particular coursework). In January 2018, @homeabroad organised an event called "Crossing Borders," which engaged with experiences of migration through photography, theater, filmmaking, music, and poetry. Look at their blog to see their engagement with the photography of Adnan Sharbaji. 

Gender, Queerness, and Activism in Contemporary Context 

This blog accompanies the lecture series "Gender, Queerness, and Activism in Contemporary Context." Individual contributions are written by students of Anna-Lena Oldehus' class that accompanies the lecture series (winter term 2017/18). 

Post-Cinema Blog

Students of the Master Advanced Anglophone Studies who attended the Independent Studies class "Post-Cinema" (Summer 2017, instructor Alessja Zapadenska) set up a blog to document their research. The results can be seen here: Clueless Cineasts

Literature in the Digital Era

This blog accompanied a class on Literature in the Digital Era, taught by Bettina Soller in the winter term 16/17. Each week the students discussed different theories, formats and examples of digital literature in class, and the semester ended with a symposium. 

Fantastic Adolescence - Contemporary American Narrative and Participatory Culture 

This blog accompanied Bettina Soller's class during the winter term of 2014/2015.