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Coursework Consultation 

Classes in British and Postcolonial Studies will be supplemented by a tutoring system for written coursework. Janna-Lena Neumann and Moritz Kiermeier will be offering weekly coursework consultations which will assist you with form and content of graded (Prüfungsleistung) and non-graded (Studienleistung) coursework. These consultations will take place on Mondays (13-14:30) and Thursdays (13-14:30) in room 713. You should discuss the tentative topic, thesis statement, textual corpus etc. for your graded essays in this consultation first, where you will then be able to register for an individual consultation with your lecturer. You are invited to attend further consultations as often as necessary during your writing process. 

For further information please contact Janna-Lena Neumann and Moritz Kiermeier

The form you are supposed to fill out with the help of your tutor and bring to the individual consultation with your lecturer afterwards can be downloaded here or on our Downloads page.