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Master Advanced Anglophone Studies – Amerikanistik und Anglistik Hannover

New University Website
Leibniz University's new homepage (www.uni-hannover.de) has been newly designed, with the result that links are missing and pages defunct. As a consequence, links on our page may be dead or dysfunctional. We apologize for this inconvenience, please let us know if you run into problems: officeengsem.uni-hannover.de or (regarding the Master of Advanced Anglophone Studies: ruth.mayerengsem.uni-hannover.de

The welcome meeting for new students of the program will take place on April 11th, 2018 at 12 pm in Room 609 (6th floor) 

Welcome to the website of the Master program of Advanced Anglophone Studies in Hannover. Advanced Anglophone Studies as a consecutive degree program is a joint venture of the British and the American Studies divisions in the English Seminar and is aimed at students with degrees in American Studies, British Studies, and other fields of literary or cultural studies.

The program offers a broad variety of courses in American and British Studies, with a strong focus on New English Literatures, postcolonial and diaspora studies, gender studies, and the literatures of globalization. In addition, students are invited to work on media history and media theory, and to acquaint themselves with new trends in television studies, popular culture studies, and the studies of digital cultures. The following pages give an overview of the program:

  • "Studies" is primarily directed at current students

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