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Romanoff and Juliet by Peter Ustinov

A witty Cold-War comedy set in a tiny mythical European country on the border between East and West. Igor Romanoff, son of the Russian ambassador, and Juliet Moulsworth, daughter of the American ambassador, meet and fall in love at a masked ball ...

Performances will begin at 7.30pm every evening on 

Tuesday 16 July

Wednesday 17 July

Friday 19 July

Saturday 20 July

at the Theater in der List e. V., Spichernstr. 13, 30161 Hannover 

Tickets can be bought at the evening box office or in advance in the foyer of the Conti-Hochhaus (Königsworther Platz 1) between 9:45 and 16.00 on all weekdays (excepting the Wednesday afternoons) from Monday 1 until Wednesday 17 July. They can also be reserved by telephone from the Theater in der List (tel. 0511-89711946) at any hour or bought there on weekdays between 9am and 12am. Please note that reservations can be made only through the Theater in der List.