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Die Theatergruppe des Englischen Seminars


As You Like It  by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s love comedy sets the apparently wholesome pastoral world against the moral depravity of the court and civil society. In doing so, it nevertheless satirizes idealized views of rural life. The play also foregrounds the theme of performance and role-play, not least in respect of gender.

Performances will begin at 7.00pm every evening on

Tuesday 28 June

Wednesday 29 June

Friday 1 July

Saturday 2 July

at the Theater in der List e. V., Spichernstr. 13, 30161 Hannover

Tickets can be bought at the evening box office or in advance in the foyer of the Conti-Hochhaus (Königsworther Platz 1) between 10:00 and 16:00 on all weekdays (excepting Wednesday afternoons) from Monday 13 June until Wednesday 29 June. Tickets can also be reserved by telephone from the Theater in der List (tel. 0511-89711946) at any hour or bought there on weekdays between 9am and 12am. Please note that reservations can be made only through the Theater in der List.


Summer 2021: THE COMPANY OF WOLVES by Angela Carter

Winter 2020/21: MACBETH by William Shakespeare

Summer 2020: UNDER MILK WOOD by Dylan Thomas

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Dr. Peter Bennett  recently retired as a lecturer at the University of Hannover. He founded the theatre group in 1988 and has been directing it since then. So far, he has directed and supervised one new play almost each semester.


Although based in the English department, the group is open to all students of the university. It is not a club. There is no fixed membership. One play is normally presented every semester, the group consisting of all those who have an acting role in the current production. In practice, each production’s cast consists of roughly a third who have played in two or more productions, a third who have already been in one production, and a third who are entirely new. The director has been there since the beginning.

The production style is economical, with emphasis on voice, body and movement. Staging tends to be minimalistic and basic with regard to scenery, sound and lighting. A decisive influence on production style and choice of play is the fact that there are usually at least fifteen people eager to participate, the majority of them women. Most modern plays in English have relatively small (and predominantly male) casts and are more or less naturalistic in that they do not work well if women play male parts. The group therefore tends to favour non-naturalistic drama, as can be seen from the production history.

The university has no theatre of its own, but the English Theatre Group has a good working relationship with the Theater in der List e. V. where the performances are held.