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Felix BrinkerOn the Formal Aesthetics and Politics of Transmedial Superhero Serials in Contemporary American Film and Television
Ilka BraschOperational Detection: Crime Serials and the American Cinema, 1910-1940
Florian GroßTechnology. Economy. Creativity. Post-Network Television Series
Anna-Lena OldehusMarginalization, Love, and Queer Identities in Contemporary Transnational Literature
Bettina SollerAuthorship and Genre in Fan Fiction
Jana WachsmuthRe-Reading Desire, Consumption and Taste in American Novels, 1900 vs. 2000
Jatin WagleTranslating the Exilic: Exploring the Cultural Problematics of the American Reception of Adorno


Dr. Christina MeyerWar and Trauma Images in Vietnam War Representations
Dr. Regina SchoberThe Self-Reflexive Function of Music in American Modernist Poetry
Dr. Shane DensonPostnaturalism: Frankenstein, Film, and the Anthropotechnical Interface
Dr. Vanessa KünnemannMiddlebrow Mission: Pearl S. Buck's American China