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Forms and Certificates: Certificates for Completed Courses, Exam Registrations etc.

The following links provide German information and forms only. Please contact your respective lecturers if you have problems finding what you need. 

Fächerübergreifender Bachelor

Bachelor Technical Education

Master of Education LG

Master of Education LBS

Master Advanced Anglophone Studies

Translations of Advanced Anglophone Studies informations and forms are available here.

Master German and English Linguistics


Literary and Cultural Studies

Guidelines for Writing Essays and Final Papers (Style-Sheet)

English Literary and Cultural Studies

English Linguistics

Stylesheet Linguistics

Structure of linguistic Term Papers and Final Papers


(the following material is in German)

Guidelines Didaktik

Basisliteratur Didaktik

Tipps für das wissenschaftliche Schreiben auf Englisch

Anforderungen für Abschlussarbeiten in der Didaktik des Englischen

NEU: Übergangsregelung zum Teaching Assistant Aufenthalt

NEU: Teaching Assistant Merkblatt

additional material:

Plagiarism Statement

Leitfaden außerschulisches Praktikum (German Guidelines for School Internships)

Gender Studies (Certificate of extra credit in gender studies)

Bescheinigung über Studienberatung 

Minutes of Examination (Prüfungsprotokoll) (this is the German form used for oral exams)

Modulkatalog (full module description, in German)

Survey of English Dictionaries