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Anglistentag 2017

University of Regensburg, Germany
20-23 September 2017
Ellen Grünkemeier, Nora Pleßke and Joanna Rostek 
Section The Value of Economic Criticism Reconsidered: Approaching Literature and Culture through the Lens of Economics

Anglistentag 2016

University of Hamburg, Germany
21-24 September 2016
Jana Gohrisch and Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp
Section Cosmopolitan/Global/Planetary Fictions: The Uses and Abuses of Comparative Approaches 

Laufende Projekte 

Dr. Peter Bennett: Representation of Gypsies in 19th-Century British Literature 

Prof. Dr. Jana Gohrisch
Transatlantic Victorian Studies: Theory and Methods 
The Literature of Post-Slavery: Imagining Agency after Abolition 
African and South Asian Diaspora Cultures in Contemporary Britain 

Dr. Ellen Grünkemeier (Habilitation, seit Januar 2011): Appropriating Time and Space: Mid-19th-Century Fiction and Non-Fiction by and about the Working Classes

Hannah Pardey (Dissertation, seit März 2016): Postcolonial Middlebrow: Meta-Theoretical Reflections on the Contemporary West African Novel

Lena Rindermann (Dissertation, seit September 2015): The Representation of Horses in Anglophone Imperial and Postcolonial Discourses 

Erfolgreich abgeschlossene und veröffentlichte Projekte

Dr. Ellen Grünkemeier (Promotion 2010): Breaking the Silence: South African Representations of HIV/AIDS. Woodbridge, Suffolk and Rochester, New York: James Currey, 2013. 

Dr. Henning Marquardt (Promotion 2014): Die Familie als (anti-)koloniale Metonymie: Jamaika und Südafrika in der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts. http://edok01.tib.uni-hannover.de/edoks/e01dh15/821373846.pdf

South African Literature Online

The collection is part of the research project "What is New about 'New South Africa'? Literary and Cultural Developments of the 20th and 21st Centuries," conducted by Dr. Ellen Grünkemeier and Dr. Henning Marquardt.