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Gender Studies

Gender Studies Program at the Philosophy Faculty

The interdisciplinary focus module “Gender Studies” is coordinated at the Philosophy Faculty of Leibniz University.

This module enables students to further their interest and expand their knowledge in the field of Gender and Queer Studies.

After completing the necessary requirement of completing four classes with a Studienleistung, the student receives a certificate.

Classes will be held in English and German.


The classes visited in the course of this module should cover at least one of the following four topics:

-          Analysis of historical and contemporary structures and representations of gender and sexuality

-          Contemporary contextualizing of theories of Gender and/ or Queer Studies

-          Introduction of feminist theory /men’s studies

-          Introduction in Queer Studies / Diversity Studies


Cooperating departments:

All departments affiliated to the Faculty of Philosophy are part of the focus module

Coordinator and contact:
Anna-Lena Oldehus, M.A. (English Department)