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Die Theatergruppe des Englischen Seminars


The Corona pandemic prevented physical rehearsal and stage performance in the summer of 2020. Not to be defeated, the English Theatre Workshop produced a radio play, Under Milk Wood, written for the BBC by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and first broadcast in 1954. With everyone in complete isolation, rehearsals were done by internet conference. The actors each recorded their lines at home on their smartphones. The hundreds of audio files were then edited and joined together to produce the final result. Please therefore don’t expect the technical sound-quality you would get from NDR! We have done our best without studio conditions. Click here to hear/download the audio file


The cast


Although based in the English department, the group is open to all students of the university. It is not a club. There is no fixed membership. One play is normally presented every semester, the group consisting of all those who have an acting role in the current production. In practice, each production’s cast consists of roughly a third who have played in two or more productions, a third who have already been in one production, and a third who are entirely new. The director has been there since the beginning.

The production style is economical, with emphasis on voice, body and movement. Staging tends to be minimalistic and basic with regard to scenery, sound and lighting. A decisive influence on production style and choice of play is the fact that there are usually at least fifteen people eager to participate, the majority of them women. Most modern plays in English have relatively small (and predominantly male) casts and are more or less naturalistic in that they do not work well if women play male parts. The group therefore tends to favour non-naturalistic drama, as can be seen from the production history.

The university has no theatre of its own, but the English Theatre Group has a good working relationship with the Theater in der List e. V. where the performances are held.

Get in touch

Dr. Peter Bennett  recently retired as a lecturer at the University of Hannover. He founded the theatre group in 1988 and has been directing it since then. So far, he has directed and supervised one new play almost each semester.



The university’s hygiene regulations in response to COVID-19 mean that we will not be allowed to meet for rehearsals physically. We must therefore conduct the winter semester’s theatre project online through video conferencing.

The plan is to produce an audio play, but one completely different from the recent summer production of Under Milk Wood. We shall act and record a shortened version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth intercut with arguments and discussions on the meta-level by a fictional theatre company which is producing an audio version of Macbeth. There may well also be some loose parallels between the plot of Macbeth and events and relations within the theatre company.

Some of this has already been scripted but it is unfinished and participants will be involved in writing and modifying the script as well as speaking and acting.

Students who are interested should contact Dr Peter Bennett directly by e-mail (click on the link in “Get in touch” above; don’t use StudIP) at least one day before the first meeting (i.e. by the end of Tuesday 13 October) so that he has their e-mail address and can send a play-text and a link in time for the first online meeting. The first meeting, as advertised in the KWW, will be on Wednesday 14 October at 2pm punctually. No-one needs to commit themselves in the first two weeks.