Projekte des Lehrgebiets British and Postcolonial Studies

  • Prof. Dr. Jana Gohrisch
    Transatlantic Victorian Studies: Theory and Practice
    The Literature of Post-Slavery: Imagining Agency after Abolition 
    African and South Asian Diaspora Cultures in Contemporary Britain

  • Janna-Lena Neumann 
    Investigating Mobility in Late 18th- and Early 19th-Century British Prose: Patterns, Structures, Models (Dissertation, seit 2018)

  • Hannah Pardey 
    Middlebrow 2.0: The Digital Affect and the New Nigerian Novel (Dissertation, seit 2016)

  • Lena Rindermann 
    The Representation of Horses in Anglophone Imperial and Postcolonial Discourses (Dissertation, seit 2015)