Master's Program in North American Studies

North American Studies is a consecutive degree program offered by the American Studies division in the English Seminar. It aims at students with BA degrees in American Studies, English, and related fields of literary or cultural studies. The program offers a broad variety of courses in North American Studies. It is concerned with the literary and cultural history of North America from the colonial period onward and with current developments in North America in a transnational context. Categories of difference and diversity (race, gender, sexuality, class, religion, and more) are taken systematically into account. The program allows for a focus on media history and media theory, and it invites its students to acquaint themselves with new trends in television studies, popular culture studies, and the studies of digital cultures. 

MA North American Studies on social media.

The "Prüfungsordnung" (= exam regulations) is the official document to regulate all exams in the North American Studies program. The legally binding document is in German, the English translation is meant to help guide students in the program.