Hollywood Memories Newsletter #1

Hollywood Memory just started its own Newsletter. We sent out the first issue in February 2023. From now on, the newsletter will provide regular updates on our activities and news about our research.

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Hollywood Memories at DASI Shoptalk

On Friday, 10 February 2023, Kathleen Loock will present the Hollywood Memories project at the DASI Shoptalk (2-5 p.m.). The event will feature current digital research projects in the field of American Studies.

The goal of DASI (Digital American Studies Initiative) is to provide a forum for digital research in German American Studies and to advance the discussion of digital methods and approaches for American Studies.

Guest Lecture on Netflix's Christmas Programming

On 12 December 2022, Kathleen Loock will give a guest lecture at the University of Giessen entitled “Streaming Christmas: Netflix’s Holiday Programming.”

Online Lecture at Audience Projects Seminar Series

On 6 December 2022, Kathleen Loock will give an online lecture as part of the “Audience Projects Seminar Series”, a collaboration between Oxford Brookes University (England) and Örebro University (Sweden). She will present the project “Hollywood Memories: Cinematic Remaking and the Construction of Global Movie Generations.”

Guest Lecture on BLADE RUNNER 2049

On 1 December 2022, Kathleen Loock will give a guest lecture at the University of Freiburg. The title of the talk is “Endlessly Repetitive Futures: Climate Change, Reproduction Logics, and Linear Time in Blade Runner 2049.”

Paper at the DGfA’s Postgraduate Forum (PGF)

From the 10th until the 12th November the DGfA (German Association for American Studies) will host their post graduate forum in Regensburg. Alejandra Bulla and Stefan Dierkes will hold a talk about “Beyond Hollywood Borders: Politics, Identities, and Memories" there.

Paper on Media, Memory, and Generation at the ECREA Conference

© Alejandra Bulla

Kathleen Loock and Stefan Dierkes from the Hollywood Memories project present their paper “Rethinking Time: Media, Memory, and Generation in the Age of Streaming Platforms” at the ECREA 2022: 9th European Communication Conference in Aarhus (Denmark). They are part of the panel “The more things change…: SVOD platforms and recycled content strategies” which explores on streaming platforms like Netflix and their focus on remaking series and films. 

Radio Interview on the Use of AI Voices in Films

Kathleen Loock was asked about the use of artificially generated voices and images in films for the radio contribution “KI-Stimmen in Filmen: Darth Vader lebt für immer” (AI Voices in Films: Darth Vader Lives Forever) which aired on October 2, 2022, as part of the program “Breitband” on the German public radio station Deutschlandfunk Kultur. She answered questions about whether the use of AI voices is a new trend in the entertainment industry. The actor James Earl Jones, who gave Darth Vader his low, monotone voice in the Star Wars films, sold the rights to his Darth Vader voice. Now an artificial intelligence can clone his voice for the use in future Star Wars films. The whole conversation (in German) is available here.


On September 28, 2022, Laura Mee launched her book Reanimated: The Contemporary American Horror Remake and presented it in a zoom event. Kathleen Loock, Bruna Foletto Lucas (Kingston University) and Kendall Phillips (Syracuse University) talked to Mee about her ideas, in a discussion round chaired by Iain Robert Smith (King’s College London). The main argument of Reanimated is that the remaking of horror films shows the genre’s capacity for creative recycling, adaptation and evolution.

German Audience Survey for HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES Ended

The German audience survey on HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES is now closed. New registrations for participation in the study are now no longer possible. Over 100 people from many parts of Germany have been active on our digital research platform, sharing their memories, experiences, and attitudes towards Hollywood movies. We are very pleased about the great interest in our project and sincerely thank all the participants for their support for our research.

While it is now time for us to analyze the data for the German case study, the Mexican audience survey is now beginning. If you want to receive updates about the development of our HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES research project, you can sign up for our newsletter below.

Start of the Mexican Pilot Study

We are now starting with our Mexican case study! Currently, we are in the pre-test phase, which will be followed by our pilot study in November 2022. If you are interested in participating, please register here on our website. If you know someone who might be interested in participating, don’t hesitate to share the link to our website. The main study will be conducted in March 2023. Registration is open after the end of the pilot study.

You can find more information about the project on our website.

Guest Lecture on Sequels and Dislike by Jonathan Gray (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

On Monday, 11 July 2022, from 2-4 p.m., Jonathan Gray (University of Wisconsin-Madison), who is an associate member of the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES research group,  will give a guest lecture at Leibniz University Hannover. His talk is entitled “Fallen from Grace, or, When Sequels Attack” and is part of the “Film Remakes and Franchises” course that Kathleen Loock is teaching this summer term.

Workshop: “Audience Research: Methods and Approaches”

© Kathleen Loock

On Friday, 8 July 2022, the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES research group is holding the in-person workshop “Audience Research: Methods and Approaches” at Leibniz University Hannover. The workshop brings together scholars who study historical and contemporary audiences, cinemagoing and home viewing contexts, national identifications and the global impact of film, memories and experiences as well as attitudes and tastes. One central aim is to critically reflect on the process of doing audience research – including choices and challenges as well as thoughts on working with the data, the presentation of research results (beyond the traditional modes) and opportunities for public engagement.

Among the speakers at the workshop are Annette Kuhn (Queen Mary University of London), Jonathan Gray (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Christine Hämmerling (University of Zurich), Eduard Cuelenaere (University of Ghent) as well as the members of the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES research group Kathleen Loock, Stefan Dierkes, and Alejandra Bulla (Leibniz University Hannover). In addition to the presentations and discussions, the workshop will also feature the audience research done by Kate Egan (Northumbria University) and Peter Turner (Oxford Brookes University) and screen video essays by Catherine Grant, Ariel Avissar, Evelyn Kreutzer, Cormac Donnelly, and Kathleen Loock.

The workshop will be held in the Niedersachsensaal (Conti Campus, Königsworther Str. 1) at Leibniz University Hannover. It is free and open to the public.

Register for the in-person event at Leibniz University Hannover:

Find more information on the program and the speakers on our website.

Guest Lecture in Research Colloquium by Kathleen Loock

On Tuesday, 21 June 2022, Kathleen Loock will give a guest lecture in the research colloquium “‘How to tell stories digitally (fast)’: Digitale Perspektiven auf Literatur” which belongs to the master program “Neuere Deutsche Literaturwissenschaft” at LUH. Her talk will focus on “Memories, Temporality and Strategies of Retelling and Continuation on Streaming Platforms.” Please note that the talk will be held in German.

Guest Lecture on Film Reboots by Brunella Tedesco-Barlocco

On Monday, 20 June 2022, from 2-4 p.m., Brunella Tedesco-Barlocco (Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain), who is an associate member of the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES research group,  will give a guest lecture at Leibniz University Hannover. Her talk is entitled “Shaken, not stirred: Character Re-construction and the Role of Time in the James Bond Reboot” and is part of the “Film Remakes and Franchises” course that Kathleen Loock is teaching this summer term.

HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES now available in Spanish

Starting now, the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES website is also available in Spanish. In autumn 2022 we are starting into the next sub-project, this time focusing on Mexican film audiences and their memories.

We are looking for study participants

Whether in the cinema, at home, or on the road — Hollywood movies can be watched almost everywhere. Nowadays, the program is often dominated by remakes and sequels. We are interested in your memories, experiences and attitudes concerning Hollywood movies. Are there any special moments, favorite movies, or collections you would like to tell us about?

With your support, we want to find out what significance Hollywood movies have in everyday life and whether remakes and sequels that accompany us over many years and decades can influence how we experience time, age, and generational belonging.

HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES is a research project that is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and conducted at Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany.

You can find more information about the project and on how to participate on our website.

Talk on Reboots & Revivals

On 21 April 2022 at 6 p.m., Kathleen Loock will give an online lecture as part of the Atlantic Academy’s TV Thursday discussion series.

Register here to attend the lecture (in German).

Event description (from the Atlantic Academy):

Fuller House, One Day at a Time, or Twin Peaks: The Return – in recent years, several beloved American television series have celebrated their return to American television and streaming platforms with brand new episodes and old cast members. The so-called reboots and revivals deliberately draw on past TV experiences to create something new in the crowded contemporary media landscape, deliberately invoking past successes. In this talk, Kathleen Loock from Leibniz Universität Hannover discusses how series revivals attempt to represent the legacy of the original series, evoke feelings and emotions of generational belonging, and negotiate notions of past, present, and future in meaningful ways.

In our discussion series, we look at the cultural export of the United States: TV series! On selected Thursdays, we will take a look at the multifaceted television landscape of the U.S.

Alejandra Bulla starts her PhD in the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES Research Project

© Alejandra Bulla

In April 2022, Alejandra Bulla joins the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES research project, where she will work on her PhD. Alejandra holds a Master’s degree in American Studies from the University of Erlangen and a Bachelor’s degree as an English teacher from the Universidad Francisco José de Caldas in Bogota, Colombia. Within the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES project, Alejandra is responsible for the sub-project that studies the movie memories of audiences living in Mexico.

Open PhD Position in “Hollywood Memories” Research Group

We invite applications for a PhD position in the DFG-funded Emmy Noether Research Group “Hollywood Memories: Cinematic Remaking and the Construction of Global Movie Generations.” This 3.5 year position (salary scale 13 TV-L, 65 %) is to be filled by April 1, 2022. The sub-project, which the successful candidate will work on, involves quantitative and qualitative research with audiences in Mexico that focuses on the intersections between memory and Hollywood movies (questionnaires and interviews). Excellent language skills in English and Spanish are required. You can apply until January 31, 2022.

The full call for applications can be found here: Job Exchange Leibniz University

More information on the “Hollywood Memories” Research Group is available
here: Project Website

“Hollywood Memories” has a Twitter Account

© Kathleen Loock

Under the Twitter handle @HollyMemories, the DFG-funded Emmy Noether Research Group “Hollywood Memories” is now present on social media. You can follow the Twitter account for regular updates the research of the group as well as polls, video essays, reviews, production news, and insights on memories, remakes, sequels, and Hollywood franchises.

Interview in “Collecting Movies” Series

© Kathleen Loock

Film critic and professor of media and film studies at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota (USA) Greg Carlson interviewed Kathleen Loock for his "Collecting Movies" series. They talked about her growing up in East Germany, how she became interested in movies, her research on remakes, sequels, and franchises, and her collection of DVD box sets – from Psycho I-IV to Alien to Jurassic Park.

The full interview is available here: Collecting Movies with Kathleen Loock

Research Stay Brunella Tedesco-Barlocco

© Brunella Tedesco-Barlocco

Ph.D. student Brunella Tedesco-Barlocco will be undertaking her research stay at the English Seminar of the Leibniz Universität Hannover during the months of November and December, with Prof. Dr. Kathleen Loock as a mentor. Tedesco-Barlocco is currently writing her Ph.D. thesis on reboots, requels and revivals at Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona, Spain.

She holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism from ORT University (Montevideo, Uruguay), and an M.A. in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies from Pompeu Fabra University. She is a doctoral fellow at the Communication Department of UPF, a member of the CINEMA Research Group of Pompeu Fabra University, and an editorial assistant of the academic journal Comparative Cinema. She has published articles in Adaptation, Communication & Society and El profesional de la información.

Brunella Tedesco-Barlocco can be found on Orcid, Researchgate and Academia.

Stefan Dierkes starts his PhD in the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES Research Project

© Stefan Dierkes

In October 2021, Stefan Dierkes joined the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES research project, where he will work on his PhD for the next 3.5 years. Stefan holds a Master’s degree in Literature and Media Practice and Anglophone Studies from the University of Essen and a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Literature and Cultural Studies, Political Science, and Journalism from the TU Dortmund University. Within the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES project, Stefan is responsible for the sub-project that studies the movie memories of audiences living in Germany.